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I was looking for pictures that really represented our family and our busy lives. I found that making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with my son was more special than chasing him down so I could comb his hair for a picture. It was more important for us to capture the crazy hair and chaos than sitting still and posing. I find the pictures I treasure most are those that are spontaneous, not centered around a pose or a holiday.I wanted a photographer to capture our actual life not a perceived life. This is when Whitney suggested what she calls a Lifestyle shoot. Basically, she came to our house and melted into the background. We made lunch, we played Legos, we went for a walk...all things we would normally do on a Saturday afternoon except we had a photographer "fly on a wall". Whitney captured our life- plain and simple. We now have pictures of our oldest son learning how to read a Lego manual, my other son sneaking a spoonful of peanut butter out of the jar when my back was turned, and a treasured picture of our family searching for rocks in a stream. The famous quote states...Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. What Whitney provided was a way to capture that LIFE while we were busy doing other things."

"Whitney doesn't just take pictures, she has captured each one of our five children's spirits and personalities...In essence, she has captured their childhood. Every time I look thorugh our albums, I marvel at how they have changed and grown. One particular picture of our youngest when he was 4 weeks old makes me tear up everytime. It's like i can experience that moment with all it's facets all over again. I feel the wonder, joy, exhaustion, and overwhlemedness in one instant. I never thought I'd make it through and yet here we are almost 5 years later. Whitney makes it all look so effortless. The drama of getting 7 people to smile is never shown! Bottom line: I'd never trust anyone else to get not only the picture right but what it felt like to be a part of my family in that moment."

Thanks Whitney. You always do such an amazing job capturing my children's personalities and making them feel so comfortable. You've taken my girls' photos almost every year and there is a reason we keep coming back asking for more! I still tear up looking back at some of the photos- they are so beautiful."

"Working with Whitney was an absolute pleasure. Not only is she a delight to work with, but the pictures are fantastic. My husband and I love them all. She captured all the important moments in the most natural way. I do not consider myself a photogenic person, yet can honestly say I love every picture she took. We have our wedding pictures displayed all over the house!"

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